SatTrackPredictor Tool

Use this tool to predict a satellite’s position relative to a ground station. The tool plots the satellite’s future waypoints (purple dots) up to 1 hour ahead. Click on any of the purple satellite waypoints to view detailed data, including Azimuth and Elevation, at specific times. This information can be used to complete the StationBooker Tool.

Satellite Waypoint
Selected Waypoint
Satellite Marker Satellite
Station Marker Ground station
Time Lat. Lon. Alt Range Azi.(°) Ele.(°)

StationBooker Tool

Complete the four sections below to request a time slot on a ground station where it will point at your target satellite and attempt to receive a signal. Provide the ground station with eight waypoints that tell the ground station where and when to point. Use the SatTrackPredictor Tool to help define these waypoints.


1. Select a time slot

Instruction for Selecting a Time Slot

The current time is UTC. Ground station time slots are in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Please select a time slot that is at least 1 hour from now.

Calendar is loading…

2. Define ground station waypoints

Instructions for Completing the Waypoint Table

Please complete the waypoint table below to specify the ground station’s pointing directions at specific times. Use the satellite tracker tool to find times, azimuth and elevation values. Ensure the following:

  • All rows of the table must be completed
  • The total duration between the first and last waypoint does not exceed 4 minutes.
  • The waypoint times coincide with the selected time slot from Section 1.
Waypoint # Time UTC (HH:MM:SS) Azimuth (DDD.D) Elevation (DD.D)

3. Ground station radio settings

How to Configure the Ground Station Radio Receiver

Please enter the frequency of the target satellite and select a suitable sample rate.Frequency range is limited to between 1600 MHz and 2200MHz.

4.Confirm Booking

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