Capture your own satellite data​

Turtle Island Space is participating in the ESA Business Incubator in Noordwijk

We give users real-world experience with satellites, ground stations and data via our ground station network. Using the data, users learn about RF communications and climate science

Real-world hardware

Users are given access to ground station network based in Europe which they can use as an education tool.

Orbital mechanics

With the dashboard and support materials, users are given an introduction to orbital mechanics and tasked with predicting the target satellites position.

Space RF Comms

Users will configure the ground station to receive data from the target satellite. Support videos guide the user to view the raw radio waveform and see the signal.

Climate science

After a successful data capture, users can use their satellite data to learn the basics of climate science via activities such as weather forecasting .

About us

Over the past 10 years, I have worked in both the Aero Engine and Space Industries while also tutoring students in Maths. My experience has shown me the importance of practical experiences for students, which inspire them and prepare them for industry.