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Whether you’re teaching STEM, at a university, or engaging in public outreach, our packages cater to different needs.

Challenge the student

Using the ground station network, task the student to downlink their own satellite image. 

Operate the ground station

Students access and operate our ground station network, allowing them to complete the exercise and engage in practical learning

Deliver quality education

Educators have more time to focus providing high-quality education


Our mission is to offer educators and students access to practical and affordable experiences relevant to the Space industry.

Convenient Offerings
Our offerings are designed to be flexible and act as a turn-key supplement to existing courses in the field of space.


Give your students the chance to learn the fundamentals of satellite communications via this practical experience.


Students can command real ground stations to downlink their own real satellite weather image.


Packages are tailored to accommodate  busy student schedules.   

About the name

Motivated by my family, I decided to start my business which aligns with my interests in the Space Industry and Education. The company name was inspired by a business which my mother ran selling educational toys to children with learning disabilities in the 1990s.

About me

Over the past 10 years, I have worked in both the Aero Engine and Space Industries while also tutoring students in Maths. My experience has shown me the importance of practical experiences for students, which inspire them and prepare them for industry.

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